NOTE: Due to lack of sufficient interest and the product complexity, we have decided to take the product off the market and use it explicitly for our purpose.  Any nested content on this website (except info on drag-free line drawing tools) is now available to logged-in users only.

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What makes us different?

Combined divergence signals

We have united several popular technical indicators to generate regular and hidden combined divergence signals. It maximizes the detection of major and minor trend reversals and continuations, and becomes an eye opener on what really happens on price charts.   Read more...

Drag-free line drawing tools

The fastest and perfectly accurate drawing of trend, horizontal and complementing basic chart patterns lines. Two mouse clicks and a command is all you need to draw a line of resistance or support: raising or falling, from the left to the right, or from the right to the left. Watch videos...

What do we offer?


A set of detailed rules for all important steps in a model trade cycle: shaping of regular and hidden divergence formations, early discovery of market direction, calculation of trade size, trade trigger and target price levels, reversing a position at  price target.    Read more...


A set of innovative studies and tools that helps to break down an intraday chart into regular and hidden divergence formations, and pushes the accuracy of forecasting price targets to exceptional levels. It supports all essential trading activities (except execution) and significantly improves trader's work comfort and  productivity.   Read more...

What myths we have dispelled?

"Markets are driven by emotions, greed and fear"

Contrary to this popular belief, markets are driven by "big money" players. They plan in advance. They can tell their computers, where to set a price target, how to approach it, what to do next, or what trick to inject into a chart to confuse a retail trader or robotic trading system... Programmed with sophisticated algorithms, computers can encrypt price charts much easier than any human will ever do.

"Divergence trading does not work"

This myth is still true when a divergence detection is based on one or two technical indicators only, also when someone ignores chart patterns, resistance and support trend lines, trade triggers, in short: tries to outsmart the market. However, it has been rendered obsolete when using our trading strategy. As the introductory evidence we provide these video presentations.

"Forex trading is different"

Our trading system works fine on price charts of all types of financial instruments: forex, shares, market indices,  futures and ETFs. We tested it extensively on leveraged ETFs, their underlying fund and future index. It works exactly the same way with forex charts, as it is demonstrated in our video presentations.

"1 and 5 min. charts are too noisy"

The noise is necessary, otherwise the price movements would be too predictable, that would not be good at all. However, with our strategy and tools you will be able to take advantage of that "noise" and it will surprise you how useful it might be.


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